Black screen and LightDM doesn't unlock

Add this to your /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file:


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Today's post is half a quick note, half public shaming. In other words, it is a reminder to be very careful with OAuth tokens and passwords.

As part of moving to emacs, I starting using the incredibly useful gh.el. When you first use it, the extension saves either ...

Zotero is an Open Source tool that lets you organise your bibliography, syncing it with the cloud. Unlike other alternatives such as Mendeley, Zotero can upload the attachments and data to a private cloud via WebDav.

If you use nginx as your web server, know that even though it provides ...

This is a quick note on proxying a local python application (e.g. flask) to a subdirectory in Apache. This assumes that the file contains a WSGI application with the name application. Hence, wsgi:application.


<Location /myapp/>
    ProxyPass http://127.0.0 ...

Developing a python module and publishing it on Github is cool, but most of the times you want others to download and use it easily. That is the role of PyPi, the python package repository. In this post I show you how to publish your package in less than 10 ...

As part of the OpeNER hackathon we decided to build a prototype that would allow us to compare how different countries feel about several topics. We used the OpeNER pipeline to get the sentiment from a set of newspaper articles we gathered from media in several languages. Then we aggregated ...

A simple trick. If you want to remove all the '.swp' files from a git repository, just use:

git rm --cached '\*\*.swp'

Finally, I've decided to set up a decent personal page. I have settled for github-pages because I like the idea of keeping my site in a repository and having someone else host and deploy it for me. The site will be really simple, mostly static files. Thanks to Github ...