Black screen and LightDM doesn’t unlock

Add this to your /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file:


Edit previous commands

fc is a shell builtin to list and edit previous commands in an editor. In addition to editing a single line (which you can also do with C-x C-e), it also allows you to edit and run several lines at the same time. You use it like this:

List previous commands

$ fc -l
10259  nvim
10260* cd ..
10261* nvim content/cheatsheet/
10262  cd

List commands with date (in zsh)

$ fc -ld
10260* 19:38  cd ..
10261* 19:38  nvim content/cheatsheet/
10262  19:40  cd
10263  19:40  fc -l

You can add the date too:

$ fc -fld
10262  1/10/2019 19:40  cd
10263  1/10/2019 19:40  fc -l
10264  1/10/2019 19:40  fc -ld

You can edit a range of commands

$ fc 10262 10264

The range can be relative to the current position, so the previous command is equivalent to:

$ fc -3 -1

If you save and exit, all commands are executed as a script, and it will be added to your history.