Ongoing Projects

  • Senpy: a framework for semantic sentiment and emotion analysis services.
  • Soil: an agent-based simulator for social networks based on nx-sim and networkx.
  • Onyx: an ontology for emotion analysis that includes concepts from W3C’s provenance.

Past Projects

  • Marl: I updated this ontology, originally created by Adam Westerski, to make it compatible with the W3C’s provenance ontology.
  • Hermes: one of my first projects, developed together with David Pérez as the special custom assignment in one of our courses. Hermes is an affective bot designed to mimic the behavour of humans. It included a plug-in system for its sensors and actuators. The information from its sensors changed its emotional state, which was shown via its actuators. Among others, it could fetch inforation from Twitter or its host system and change the expressions of an external Face made with servo motors or speak via its Text-To-Speech software. For instance, it could detect it was running out of battery, showing a sad face and sending an alerting tweet. You can see it in action in these two youtube videos: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Maia: the Modular Architecture for Intelligent Agents is an evented agent architecture that aims to update the classical frameworks for intelligent agents with the concepts emerged from the Live Web.
  • the Plone based official portal of EESTEC. It has been my first and only experience with Plone. I fixed some bugs and implemented basic features.

For more information, check my list of public repositories in Github.